Design and Drafting

We provide design and drafting services for custom new homes, home additions, home renovations, interior spaces, multi-family homes, carriage homes, legal secondary suites, basement developments, garages, commercial tenant spaces and vacation properties.

Your architectural style or preference is also ours, whether it be okanagan modern, prairie style, contemporary, craftsmen, colonial, mediterranean or other, we have the experience and we can design your style for you.

Our 5 step design process is interactive and thorough, which will ensure your new home vision is met.

Typical design and drafting steps:

  1. Meeting and initial consultation with lead designer
  2. Schematic and conceptual design drawings
  3. Preliminary design drawings
  4. Design check set drawings and 3D modelling
  5. Permit and construction drawings

In addition to new home design and drafting, we offer property analysis, zoning analysis and Building Code analysis.

Recommendations will be made to fit the needs of every unique project.

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