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Part Nine Designs is a respected design firm that specializes in quality custom home designs, home additions, home renovations, drafting, floor plans, commercial tenant design, construction plans, building permit plans and energy efficiency. We are involved in all levels of design and consulting works ranging from site planning to multi-family buildings and developments.

Key aspects of Part Nine Designs is that we understand the building process and how buildings function as a whole system. Part Nine Designs are architectural designers, building technologists and energy advisors.

With extensive knowledge and experience in design, floor plans, construction drawings, municipal and provincial building codes, we are able to visualize your home or building in its entirety.

We incorporate functional constructible design, sustainability, personal comfort and energy efficiency within every unique project.

Our main goal is to design the visions of our clients and apply those visions with the utmost respect to the cost, constructibilty, function, users health and environmental impact. As designers, we thrive on problem solving and meeting the requirements of our clients.

Contact us in Kelowna today and see how we can make your vision a reality!

Why us? We are experienced, educated, supportive, trained professionals who offer quality design and consulting services.

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Clint Gavel

Clint Gavel


Architecture is an expression of values.

Norman Foster, Architect


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